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כנסיית הקבר

Church of the Holy Sepulchre 

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

תבלינים 5.jpg

Spice shop 

Spice shop

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The Western Wall 

The Western Wall

The marina in Ashkelon

The marina in Ashkelon

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Anemones in Kibbutz Bari.jpg

Anemones in Kibbutz Bari 

Anemones in Kibbutz Be'ari

zvikushisraeltours-The Beth Gubrin Theat

The theater in Beit Guvrin 

The Beth Gubrin Theater


Funeral home

Beit Loia 

השדרה בבית שאן.jpg

Beit Shean 

Beit She'an


Gates House

Beit Shearim

Kibbutz Or Haner 

Kibutz Or Haner -Apolinua 2.jpg



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Mount Arbel

Mount Arbel

zvikushisraeltours-Ben Shemen Youth Vill

Ben Shemen 

Ben Shemam 

הבניאס ישראל.jpg







Jasra A. Zarqa 

Gaser A Zarka

Gaser El Yaud.jpg

Jasser El Yehud 

Gaser El Yahud

גבעת תום ותומר.jpg

Givat Tom and Tomer

Tome & Tomer Hill


Fenced reserve 

Dador Sea Reserve

האלון הבודד - אלון שבות.jpg
עתיקות גזר.jpg

Old Carrots 

Old Gezer

The lone oak - Shvut oak 

The Lone Oak, Alon Shvot

חורשת הארבעים.jpg

The forty grove of the last fortress and the Druze Isfahan 

In the woods of the forties, "the last fortress" and hear his story, we will visit the memorial of those who perished in Carmel and we will visit Isfahan and a Druze lunch there, hear stories about the Druze community

בית הכנסת של ראש פינה.jpg

Rosh Pina, Hula Reserve, Jordan Guard

A visit to Rosh Pina, the colony founded at the end of the 19th century by the people of Safed  And we will take a visit to the Hula Reserve and the migratory birds 

מנזר המצלבה.jpg

 Leper Hospital, German Colony, Monastery.

Why did the Christians decide to establish an embassy in Israel, the German Colony, the leper hospital  Who became the Bezalel Templars from Germany,  The monastery in the Valley of the Cross

מפל הבניאס.jpg

Visit Banias, Nimrod Fortress, Odem Forest 

A visit to Banias, Pan Temple, the flour mill, archeological excavations, a walk on the hanging path, Banias Waterfall, a visit to Nimrod Fortress and a trip to the Odem Forest

אגם ירוחם.jpg

Sde Boker, from the French commando lookout, Hura

A visit to Ben Gurion's tomb and his home  In Sde Boker,  At the French comedian lookout point on Lake Yeruham and the experimental farm a girl

אנדרטת אזון המסוקים.jpg

Metula, Tel Hai Cemetery, Helicopter Accident Memorial.

The main street, Beit Lishansky, the first Hebrew teacher, Sha'ar Patma, Mitzpe Dado, the Tel Hai cemetery, the helicopter accident monument and more. 

כפר קמה.jpg

Kfar Tavor, Kadouri School, Kfar Kama Circassian

A visit to the village of Tavor, where Yigal Alon grew up, to the Kadouri school where some of the country's leaders studied, and to the Circassian village that preserves the tradition and the traditional cheeses 

בית התרבות של אביבי.jpg

Avivim, Baram Synagogue, Winery.

Avivim, the settlement that experienced the great disaster, is located  On the border with  Lebanon.  With the residents, the synagogue in Baram, the winery, Gush Halav, a synagogue.

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