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Registration for "retirees  Travelers "

Establishing a group

"Traveling retirees"    


"Traveling retirees"  A group that loves to travel in the country, get to know nature and history. The trips of the group of "casting retirees" will take place once a month on the third Monday of each month (19/10/20, and   16/11/20 and so on. The bus ride that will pick up the registrants at the stations they determine. The trip plan includes a coffee break after a journey of about an hour, and will be used for the participants' acquaintance with the guide and their friends for the trip. Then in the early afternoon a lunch break with food that the participants will bring from home (if the situation allows the meal will be near a cafe or kiosk where it will be possible to buy coffee and the like).  Usually  The trip will start at 08:00 and last until 18:00. Number of participants minimum 40 (otherwise the trip will not open)  And maximum according to the number of places on the bus.

* The registration does not require you to participate in the trip, it is only used to add you to the list that receives information about the next trip.


Interested in joining a group  "Traveling retirees"

(Registration does not require participation in the trip but to register  In order to receive notifications about the trip)

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