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Retirement clubs

Offering regular trips for retirees

These trips are organized by specific booking. You can change some of the content. The prices of the trips here are not subsidized but are managed at a high level and with careful planning. These trips must be booked by phone or email or WhatsApp.

Old Nitzanim, Givat Tom and Tomer and Negba

Hod Hasharon Ecological Park and a tour along the Yarkon

A trip to Old Jaffa, the port, and the flea market

Excursion to Lewinsky and Florence

A trip to the Carmel market and the Yemenite vineyard

A tour of Bnei Brak on Friday

A tour of the Montefiore neighborhood

A trip to Haifa, Wadi Nissans and the German Colony

Jerusalem neighborhoods tour

A tour of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City

A tour of Ein Kerem

Haifa Flea Market

A tour of the Judean Desert - Monasteries is here

A tour in Dalit to Carmel and Isfahan

The world of immigrants in Tel Aviv

Prophets Street, love, betrayals, antique forgers and doctors

A tour of the Talbiyeh neighborhood

A partial list 

Suggestions for trips as part of "Tuesday in Nature" 

"Tuesday in Nature" is a hiking program subsidized by the Ministry of Retirement and the Nature and Parks Authority. The cost is 40 NIS per person, in order to promote visits to the authority's sites. We attach to each such trip one or more sites that are an excellent attraction. Dozens of such trips were carried out to the satisfaction of all participants.

Yarkon National Park - Ben Shemen School, Maccabim Cemeteries
Apollonia National Park, the beginning of Tel Aviv, Lewinsky Market
Caesarea National Park, estuary of the Hadera River, Heftziba Farm 
Nahal Taninim National Park, flowering in Maagan Michael, Zichron Yaacov
Megiddo National Park, Nahal Hashofet, Dalit El Carmel 
Maayan Harod National Park, Har Shaul and Gilboa 
Gan Hashlosha, and Kibbutz Ein Harod 
Beit She'an National Park, visit to the winery, Nahal Hakibbutzim 
Beit Shearim National Park, the Templars, Bethlehem HaGlilit, and Aloni Abba
Chai Bar Carmel, Hecht Museum, The Forty Grove 
Birdy National Park, Water Plant, Locomotive Park (Ein Elroi)
Ein Afek Nature Reserve, Acre, the Baha'i Gardens 
Arbel Nature Reserve, Tiberias and bathing in the Sea of Galilee 
Hamat Tiberias National Park, Old Tiberias 
Nahal Ma'arot Nature Reserve, Atlit, and a monument to the Carmel fire 
Jordan Star National Park, visit to the old bridge
Ein Hemed National Park, Flight Mountain, Yad Kennedy, Ein Kerem 
Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve, Police Museum 
Ashkelon National Park, South Red, 
Beit Guvrin National Park, British Forest 
The Good Samaritan Museum, Hall of Names 
Herodium National Park, Museum of Islam 
Korazin National Park, bathing on Hukok beach 
Hula Nature Reserve, Excursion to Rosh Pina 
Banias Nature Reserve, the monument to the victims of the helicopter disaster 
Nimrod Fortress National Park, The Oven, Mitzpe Dado 
Tel Dan Nature Reserve, Birkat Ram, Shams Tower 

                 A partial list

חורשת הארבעים.jpg

The forty grove of the last fortress and Dalit al-Carmel 

A visit to the Forest of the Forties, we will see the site of the last fortress and hear its story, we will visit the memorial of those who perished in the Carmel fire and we will have a blast   Dali'at El-Carmel   And a Druze lunch on the spot, hearing stories about the Druze community 

בית ברחוב הראשי במטולה.jpg

A trip to the Galilee finger and the Menara ridge and the helicopter monument 

A walk on the main street of Metula, Mitzpe Dado, the cemetery  Tel  Chai, Menara Ridge, Helicopter Accident Memorial

כתב על הסלע.jpg

A trip to the center of the Negev, the French commando lookout, Ben Gurion House 

 The story of the French commando unit - the observation post, the Ashalim power station,  The obscure writing on Mount Karkom, the Ben Gurion hut and Lake Yeruham


Religious Jerusalem

Beit Hassidi Balaz, Mea Shearim,   a museum  The courtyard of the settlement, the four synagogues and the ruin

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