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  • We offer private day trips to the popular Israeli tourist sites. The trips are made by car and can be booked in advance even before you arrive in Israel

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A Jerusalem Private Day Tour

We take in the panoramic views of Jerusalem from the top of the Mount of olives then go down the mount passing the Biblical Garden of Gethsemane, Church of All Nations and Kidron Valley.

We visit the Zion Mounten, The Dormizio Church, Davids Tomb and The Room of The Last Supper.  In the Jewish Quarter, we Walk through the Cardo; the Byzantine-era main street of Jerusalem. We arrive at Western Wall to place a prayer note between the ancient stones of the wall. The tour follows part of the Via Dolorosa to the stunning Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Here we see the site of Christ’s crucifixion and his burial tomb.  A lunch break at the Machna Yehuda Market in the new Jerusalem. We reach Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum. The museum’s exhibits original documents, photos and video testimonials of Holocaust.

Masada and Dead Sea Private Day Tour
This tour heads to the East of Israel through the Judean Desert We ride through the Inn of the Good Samaritan. We pause at sea level for an unforgettable photo-op. Then we continue to descent further down beneath sea level (- 436 M) towards the Dead Sea. At Masada  we take a cable car to the plateau summit and tour the remains of Herod’s fortress. We see remarkable structures including a palaces and a bathhouse. From Masada we ride to the  Ein Gedi oasis and visit the Nature Reserve. the next site is the Qumran Nature Reserve where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. The rest of the day We spend relaxing on one of the Dead Sea beaches. You can float in the extrimly salty-water. You can use the Dead Sea mud as a natural skin mask and soak up the glorious Dead Sea sun. 
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Nazareth and Sea of Galilee Private Tour

It starts with your personal guide in Nazareth at the Church of the Annunciation, the Church of St. Joseph and the carpentry store. Continue through to the Greek Orthodox Church and the adjoining well. On our way is the Mount of Precipitation. Next on our way is Cana, where miracle of turning water into wine that Jesus preformed.

Then Capernaum, Mensa Christi, Mount of Beatitudes, and finally Yardenit where you can be baptized in the Yarden River. 

Caesarea, Acre and Rosh Hanikra Tour

Tour the Northern coast of Israel:  Our first stop in Caesarea. Here we walk through the remains of the ancient Roman port city Built by the famous Heros, and see the amphitheater, hippodrome and ruins of palaces, temples and bathhouses. In Haifa, we see the terraced Baha’i Gardens on Mt. Carmel and learn about the Baha’i faith. We go to Israel’s border with Lebanon to visit the sea caves of Rosh HaNikra. We enter the cave chambers and tunnels where waves crash against the rocks. We South and  visit the Crusader city of Acre. Here we tour the Crusader fortress built in the 12th century, the Ottoman structures and a former Turkish and British Mandate citadel prison. 


Bethlehem and Jericho Tour

This Bethlehem and Jericho tour rides past the Inn of the Good Samaritan and descend 430 Mr. beneath sea level to the ancient city of Jericho. In Jericho see the sycamore tree climbed by Zacchaeus wishing to get a better look at Jesus. Here we recall the Biblical chapter of Joshua marching his troops around Jericho’s city walls until they fell. here we watch the Mount of Temptation. In Bethlehem we stops in Manger Square and we enter the Church of the Nativity which holds the Holy Grotto where the nativity took place. The tour visits the adjacent Church of St. Catherine and its caves. The tour passes Shepherds Field before it returns to Jerusalem.

Golan Heights Tour

The Tour takes you  through the Israel vally  and the Galilee. The Galilee has rolling hills, farmlands, vineyards. Crossing the Jordan River we ascend the Golan Heights through  Hamat Gader, a site with hot springs. We travel to the Shalom Observatory and from this elevated point we have stunning views all the way to the Sea of Galilee. In Katzrin we visit an excavated Jewish village from the Mishnah and Talmudic eras. We visit the Golan Antiquities Museum. At Mt. Bental we explore the remaining Syrian bunkers and trenches captured by Israelis in the 1967 Six Day War. 

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Jerusalem Half Day Tour

While the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem is spread out beneath you. We see the domes, minarets, steeples and the Dome of the Rock beyond the walls of the Old City. We descend the Mt. Scopus passing the Church of All Nations, Garden of Gethsemane and Kidron Valley. We visit the Mt. Zion and enter the Room of The Last Supper, King David Tomb  and  In the Dormitzio Church. We enter Jewish Quarter, we see the excavated Byzantine-era Cardo and the Renewed Jewish Quarter which leads us to the famous Western Wall, the famous Jewish landmark. Next is Via Dolorosa where Christ walked towards his crucifixion, and we arrive in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. 

Tel Aviv and Jaffa Private Tour

Get to know Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa on a private tour. The tour starts in 4,000-year-old Jaffa, an old-world port dating from Phoenician, Roman and Crusader times. Explore the archaeological ruins.  Then in Tel Aviv, Admire the UNESCO-listed Bauhaus buildings of the White City quarter, visit beautiful Tel Aviv port. Learn about the history and culture of both cities. Jaffa is  one of the world’s oldest settlements in the world, on the other side Tel Aviv is one of the most modern cities in the world, with it's UNESCO-listed White City.  Stroll around remodeled Tel Aviv port, a buzzing waterfront with cafés, bars and shops. Peruse the colorful stalls of the Nahalat Benyamin street market 


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Golan Heights Private Day Tour 

Your route takes you past numerous scenic overlooks perfect for snapping photos. You’ll have the option to experience the hot spring of Hammat Gader, located on thedge of the Syrian and Jordan border, as well as to explore the village of Katzrin by foot, Katzrin is the capital city of Golan Heights and is home to numerous ruins, as well as a 6th-century synagogue. A ride to the peak of Mount Bental—the famous dormant volcano in the area, which enables incredible views and impressive photo ops of the Quneitra Valley before returning to Tel Aviv.

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One day Private tour on "Israel National Trail" -What an Experience!

Inaugurated in 1995, the Israel National Trail (INT) is a 680 mile (1,100 km) trail that crosses the entire country from North to South. The trail was blazed through a variety of natural and human landscapes, exposing hikers to Israel's many eco-systems and habitats.

In 2012, National Geographic named the INT one of the "holy grails of hikes", and placed it among the top 20 epic hikes in the world.

Choose a specific section of the trail to experience the meaning of the "Israel Trail" (for hikers only)

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A little more details about your guide -

Zvi Shevach

(My friends call me Zvikush)

  • Decades of experience in various and interesting frameworks and experience in many subjects: Management of the Division for Young Leadership and Leadership Development at the Bonds organization. As part of a five-year mission in the United States and a meeting with the leaders of the Jewish communities and cultivating leadership for the communities

  • JNF emissary to southern Germany - very good acquaintance with the Jewish communities, and in-depth acquaintance with Christians who love Israel in Germany.

  • The chairman of the "Sane Cellularity Forum" - the organization that led the fight against cellular antennas - succeeded in changing the law on cellular antennas and causing regulation on the subject.

I also give lectures on current topics

Leadership Development
How and where to find a young man with the potential to be a leader? What is the data? What does he cultivate? How do leaders grow at all? What is required of you to be a leader? Does an analysis of a person's traits and abilities indicate his ability to become a leader?

The Future of American  Jewish Community 
Will there be a Jewish community in the United States in the future? Is the situation of the community so serious? Is there any truth in saying that the assimilation of the Jewish community is the silent Holocaust?

Cellular radiation and its consequences

Cellular radiation disturbs our rest. We will tell about the significance of this radiation. How to deal with this radiation that is everywhere and what is being done on the subject within the framework of the law. The struggle of the Sane Cellular Forum to enact a law and regulations that will regulate our lives with growing radiation in our environment.

The future of German Jewish community 
In the 1990s, the Jewish community in Germany underwent a revolution. Did it survive the doom that everyone foresaw? What is the future of German Jews? What do the Germans think of them and what do the Jews think of Germany?

Sites & Towns I recommend to visit

Abu Gosh

Or Haner






Antipatrus (Yarkon fountains)

Apolonia (Arsuf)




Ashdot Yaakov


Beer Sheva

Beery (Kibutz)



Beit Guvrrin

Bei Loia

Beit Lechem Ha-Glilit

Beit Keshet

Beit Shean

Beit Shemesh

Beit Shearim

Ben Shemen

Bnei Netzarim

Bnei Atarot



Gaser A Zarka

Gaser El Yahud

Ga Hill

Givaat Koach

Givaat Tom & Tomer

Gador Nature Reservation


Golan Heights

Gush Etzion


Dir El Asad

Dir Hagla

Dir Rifat

Dalit El Carmel

Hod Hashron Ecologic Park


Hula Nature Reservation

Eival Mnt.

Gerizim Mnt.

Mnt. Beatitude

Olive Mnt.

Tabor Mnt.


The Good Samaritan Museum

Via Delarosa

Zichron Yaakov



Shikmim Farm

Hulda Forest

Design Museum Hulon

Hura (Bedouin village)


Hirbat Keifa


Hermon Mnt.



Kennedy Memorial



Dead Sea

Sea  of Galilee

Yatir Forest







Kfar Yeoshua











Magan Michael

Mayan Harod

Mayan Lifta

Maale Edomim

Stalactites Cave


Honin Fortress

Nimrod Fortress

Mitzzpe Ramon

Mikve Israel


Mishmar David

Mishmar Ha-Yarden

Neot Smadar

Neot Kedumim


Nebi Danniel

Nebi Yosha

Nebi Mussa





Nahal Alecxsander

Nahal Oren

Nahal El Al

Nahal Betzet

Nahal Gov

Nahl Gachar

Nahal Gilabun

Nahal Daliot

Nahl Ha-Kibutzim

Najal Ha-Shofet

Nahal Hedera

Nahal Harod

Nahal Yehudia

Nahal Kaziv

Nahal Kelach

Nahal Mearot

Nahal Solelim

Nahal Orvim

Nahal Amud

Nahal Prat

Nahal Tzin

Nahal Zipory

Nahal Zalmon

Nahl Zafit

Nahal Shorek

Nahal Shnir

Nahal Shafan

Nahal Tavor

Nahal Taninim


Ness Harim

Ness Ziona



Netiv Ha-Asara








Ain Aviel

Ain Aniam

Ain Afek

Ain Arobut

Ain Bamba

Ain Itamar

Ain Gev

Ain Gedi

Ain Dabash

Ain Hanatziv

Ain Hemed

Ain Handak

Ain hanaia

Ain Izrael

Ain Karem

Ain Lavan

Ain Limon

Ain Muda

Ain Namer

Ain Sapir

Ain Ovadat

Ain Uga

Ain Atarot

Ain Plotit

Ain Tzur

Ain Kshatot

Ain Shokek

Ain Sarig

Ain Tina