Various Tours in Israel 

A big Choise of Tours in Israel


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A City Walking Tour 

Tel Aviv

The tour includes, The Bauhaus architecture during a stroll down the Rothschild Boulevard Independence Hall, Neve Zedek, and the Carmel Market, Jaffa, including the and Old Jaffa, flea market.

Jewish Jerusalem

Tour includes The Zion mt. The Jewish Quarter in-depth, The Western Wall and, Arab Market, Hanvieim St., Mea Shearim, Machneyuda Market

Christian Jerusalem

Include, Mt of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Zion-Mt. Jewish Quarter, Western Wall, Temple Mount, Via Dolorosa, Arab Market, Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

New Jerusalem tour

The Prophet St. (Hanvieem Street), Mea Shearim ( The Orthodox Quarter) Mahaneyuda Market

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Excursion program and lectures in the coming month

The program published here will be implemented only in a situation where the restrictions on trips are removed and more to travel, to guide trips for groups

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13/11/2020 - Lewinsky Market Tasting Trip

15/11/2020 - A walking day for Israel for those aged 50+

11/18/2020 - Lecture at Ponzan "The Landscape Designers of the Land"

11/23/2020 - For retirees from the Petah Tikva area - Jerusalem Mountain Trip -

27/11/2020 - Lewinsky Market Tasting Trip

28/11/2020 - Family trip to springs in the Jerusalem mountains

08/12/202 - Retirement trip to one of the sites of the Nature and Parks Authority (subsidized)

09/12/2020 - Lecture at Dekel Community Center

11/12/2020 - Lewinsky Market Tasting Trip

15/12/2020 - Lecture as part of "Landscape Designers" - "The Templars" - A Heritage of Believing Christians

20/12/2020 - A walking day for Israel for those aged 50+

25/12/2020 - Lewinsky Market Tasting Trip

26/12/2020 - Family trip to springs in the Binyamina and Zichron Yaacov area

28/12/2020 - Retirement trip to Ashkelon and Ashdod

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