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fun days 

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Workshop on the development of leadership skills 

 We gave the people a workshop on leadership development. What is a leader, how do you develop leadership, what are the required qualities, what tools does a leader need and more.

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An adventurous trip for the country 

We took a group of workers and led them on one of the paths of Israel inside a channel of Nahal Bezal and talked about their workplace, how they feel and what they would like to change and where they want to be in a year, five years and ten years

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In Roman theater we tried to perform a play

And we found out very quickly that this is not what we are talented at but we realized that the acoustics are excellent and tried to learn how to build such a theater with such good acoustics 

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We went to a shelter for battered women and painted their bedrooms

The shelter for battered women is in a neglected and untreated condition. We went out in the morning all the workers and painted and whitewashed all the bedrooms and the dining room place. What fun it was 

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Our company has purchased a playground for a town- our managers  Set it up

The company decided to donate a playground to a development town, but on the condition that the company managers are the ones who will assemble the facility, of course with the help of a technician from the manufacturing company. All our select staff went out to the place in the morning and during the day set up the facilities of the garden. 

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We went out one day to dig at an archeological site

In the morning we got on a bus and drove to an archeological site where we dug all day according to the instructions of the archaeologist wolf. Yossi suddenly found a coin, Meirav found a jug handle. But Hagai found the treasure with the coins. Then  We walked around the site and Zeev explained to us what they found everywhere and what the story of the site was ..... what fun it was 

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