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Zvikush- Your ultimate tour guide in Israel

 Tzvikush is the ultimate guide
Zvikush - Your ultimate Tour Guide in Israel

About Me

love being with tourist in Israel, I love to see them enjoying the sites, hearing the stories, smelling the flowers appreciate our achievements, and joining us in our love to our country……

Throughout the years I have been with many tourists during their visit in Israel, and I know that when they leave the country not only they love our country, something in the way they think has changed, many of them Jews and non Jews told me how their life was influenced from the visit here.

This is the reason I made the change and became a Israeli tour guide

  • Born in Monterey Swiss

  • Grew up in Ramat Hasharon

  • Served in the IDF in the Communication Corp

  • Studied Mechanical Engineering in Delft, Holland

  • Established the Quality Control Department in Tadiran Communication

  • Owner of Shevach Real Estate Agency with 4 branches

  • North American Director Developing New Leadership –Israel Bonds

  • Jewish National Fund emissary to South Germany

  • Eli – Israel Association for Child Protection (an NGO)- Chairman of the Board

  • The Israeli Form for Restrained Cellular Radiation - Chairman of the Board

  • An Authorized tourist Guide


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