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"Traveling Families"

Travel procedures and regulations 

The trip will take place on the fourth Saturday of each month from October to June (inclusive)


Our annual hiking program for families has opened for registration. The tours will take place on the fourth Saturday of each month

Trip procedures:

Each vehicle will have close family members and those who live together.

Masks should be worn throughout the trip in the places required for this. In most places we will visit sites that are in the open air there is no obligation but, the masks should be worn throughout the trip.


Arriving at the beginning of the trip in private vehicles

Each of the subscribers will receive on WhatsApp a meeting point of the trip after registering, pay and receive confirmation

Be precise when arriving at the meeting place according to the instructions

A group will be opened for the group of travelers on WhatsApp so that it will be possible to communicate

The cost of the trip

Adult 20  ₪

For a child 10 NIS

Cost per family

Couple with 1 child 50 NIS

Couple with 2 children 60 NIS

Couple with 3 children 70 NIS

Couple with 4 children 80 NIS

Maximum participants in trip 20  Cars / families

Registration is only for you to be notified of the trip details  And registration procedures

No other notices will be sent except information about the dates of the trip, its destination, payment procedures. No advertisements will be sent!

Two weeks before each of the trips you will receive an email informing you of the next trip route

Sign up as soon as possible! Only the first 20 families will be accepted.

With the registration there  Transfer the trip fee via PAYBOX   Or using BIT

Access to one of the two accounts is by phone at 054-4634840   Or via email

* The trips will be adapted for children  

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